January 24, 2009

MMMM nothing

I feel so bored lately. I guess a lot has happened, but I just let it happen and don't even care. I just dont even care. I just dont even care.
- Last Saturday we had State competition for pom and got fourth. No, we deserved AT LEAST third. We did really well, and the stupid blonde-bimbo-former-cheerleader judges were corrupt. CORRUPT I TELL YOU!! But im not a cheerleader, or even close to being one, so it doesn't matter
- I find out of i made it as a CIT (counsilor in training) for Cougartown on Monday

- My older brother went to the hospital last night because he crashed on his dirtbike. But he's okey now.
- Last Saturday we got a new kitten. He's like a mix between a polar bear and a white tiger. And is a pain in the butt. But cute - AND STEPPING ON MY KEYBOARD, THUS RUINING THE POST

My friend was taking pictures of me in the locker room before dance like 2 weeks ago, because I had a cow shirt on - this picture is goldenI stuck my hips out, leaned back, and nonchalantly looked over to the side. haha number one way to look amazingly silly in a photo.

and lately my nose is alternating between being stuffy and running.

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James said...

Thank you for the complement on my blog. ^_^ And also, ur blog is not half bad either. I like how they were CORRUPT!! and congrats on the CIT.