April 6, 2009

but my heart was racing
my mind was screaming
you've got your whole life
to do these things
- Christofer Drew, Losing It.
All I've wanted to do the past few weeks (or like ever since February) is grow up. I don't take time to be a kid anymore at all. And I'm counting down until I graduate.Tomorrow is my last day being 15, and I feel like this was the last year I had to be juvenile. I know once I AM living on my own and doing the "adult" shindig, I will want life to be like how it is now. You always want what you can't have? I guess I want to stop relying on my parents, brother, and friends. I am very independent, and just want to do my own thing.

The older I get, the less I want to depend on other people.

P.S. He's beautiful

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