April 7, 2009

I get older, but some things never change

In 3 hours and 35 minutes it's my birthday.
Thinking back, I realized I spent about 95% of being 15 focusing on dance. I've grown extraordinarily as a dancer and found MY style. Dance has kept me sane.. and sometimes it makes me go crazy. It definetly drives my family crazy when I have to go multiple times a week. I will continue dancing through age 16, 17, 20, 32, and so forth. I don't care how much I have to work for it, but I will make it one day.

2 daisies:

lamaa said...

happy birthday to yew
happy birthday to yew
happy birthday dear anna, caramel and stars are purpleeeeeeeee
happy birthday to yew!

word verification: sopho.
= sop, ho
= sup, hoe ;)

Raven said...