April 13, 2009

lazy dressing dramatic face

I haven't felt like getting dressed in days. Yet I do my make up all elaborate. My make up over rides my clothing these days. How can someone be too lazy to get dressed, but have the energy to apply a full face of makeup? Radonculous.
I really want to go to beauty school, but its an unrealistic dream. I'll end up being a pharmacist or radiologist.

I'm going back to being a vegetarian against raven's advice ;). I felt guilty whenever I ate meat, and I ust feel healthier when I dont eat it.
One thing I cannot kick is junk food. It'll never go away. Oh well I'll live with it.

3 daisies:

Raven said...

Oh I'm such a hypocrite, I decided when I turn 17 (on June 17) I'm going vegan too. pahahah NEVER listen to me. ;)

Morena Doll said...

I'm a vegetarian.
It's been ten months now as of today.
I started on June 15th last year on my birthday.

Morena Doll said...

OHMIGOSH, I just read Ray's comment.
How scary........