August 22, 2009

coldest story ever told.

that last post makes me mad. i hate capitalizing things. i have a lot of resentment right now. and im not sure if thats even the right word for how i feel. i just need to write right now. put my thoughts out there. because i dont feel like wasting paper and ink. i always write in sentence fragments. not sure why. i sometimes dont finish my sentences when im actually speaking either.

tonight is the first night ive actually been lonely in a very very long time. even when i was confined to nothingness over summer, i still wasnt lonely - i didnt even want to see anyone. but now, i just want to be surrounded by people. only certain people though. ive always been very independent. but now, i want more than anything to just mingle with the crowd. its a weird change. but i think its a good change. i could go a weekend with just staying at home, but now i feel like i HAVE to be out. i just want to leave the nest. fly with the sparrow. its a metaphor.

maybe me wanting to be surrounded by people, is really me becoming even more independent.

5 daisies:

lam said...

What happened to you!
The last time I heard you were like in lurve with this dude. What happened to him?

Tell me about chyo life guuurrlll


Timeless Fashionista said...

So true.

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Anonymous said...

You should write more it gets all the feelings out and even the loneliness goes a way. Hey my name is Stephanie and I blog about the passion of music and of corse music blogs, come check me out.

Viva La Fashion said...

i like the way you write. fragmented sentences are nice; they're straight to the point. there's no confusion. :)

Jehiel said...

It's useful to write when you feel like that. I just was wandering and I ended uo here... I hope you're fine hun, bye.