January 9, 2010

oh, hai

ive missed you. i miss THIS.
lets start 2010 off with a big promise and say that im going to blog at least once a week.
i dont even want to summerize 2009 up, too much too much.

ive changed quite a bit, but much is still the same. i find myself to be one big contradiction at times. no longer am i a rebellious teenager, which is a very big accomplishment on my part. my parents are proud hah. ive done a complete 180 from how i was over summer or even in the beginning of december. i really think the people i let into my universe have a lot to do with my actions, but they cant be entirely to blame. i find myself in my own world a lot of the time now. its much better than the dull reality my peers have got going on.

so now i leave you with a picture in which i look like an alien

until next time,
- anne marie.