August 21, 2008

Hello Seattle

i am a mountaineer, in the hills and highlands..
hello Seattle i am a manta ray.

Today was early release. Saw the Dark Knight for the second time. It was way too cold in the theater, and my bladder was going to explode.

Good News:
my Peta stickers came! I thought they'd come in like September. But when I got home from school / the movies my mudder said that there's was a big envelope from Peta for me. *eyebrow wiggle*

They sent me 2 big sheets of stickers (i thought they were going to send like 3 individual small stickers). An Animal Rights pamphlet. A letter, a card for a free veg starter kit. and other random stuff.
You can order or download and print a free vegetarian starter kit at Peta's website. THANK YOU PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS ♥

2 daisies:

Sammie said...

love the song, and the outfit is cute.

Sam said...

cute stickers, and love the song. =)