August 25, 2008

Is Big Bird really a big bird?

My nose is stuffy. And I sound like a snuffilumpigous.
Here's the infamous beret (see the post that's below frobama)

Beret and just lazy hair that im going to do tomorrow because im sloth.
TWO MORE BOOKS. click all small pics to see larger.

the the writers/artists book should be good. and i have no clue what the one with the boy on it is about. but it'll be good too. thank you madre ♥
Beauty's in the eye of the beholder

2 daisies:

Zai said...

i like your hair : ) and the boy on the cover of the book ;) are you still on tv or did you leave?

Sophia said...

the music on this blog is amazing. haha i come on your blog occasionally just to listen to it.
i'm downloading Hello Seattle ASAP!