August 26, 2008

Tecktnotic French Electronic

this guy's great. haha

I always try to dance tecktonik ;]

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Sam said...

ah it looked like his arms were going to break. Lol. that was good. he was good. i never really knew how people would dance to techno music. Lol

ben said...

His dad was like, "I asked him twenty minutes ago to bring me the hose from the basement, and he's still down there." Austin still dances crazy circles around that chump.
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mary said...

bahahaha oh my god
I wish i could do that

Allie said...

;\ Anna tries to like that? Bahhaha. Just wouldn't even want to see my attempt at that business.

Jackie said...

I think that's kind of creepy.


Raven said...


Downtown, I mean.