October 25, 2008


I feel like I'm not really connected to anything at the moment. I'm not really attached to any friends - I could live without them. All I want to do is dance and read. How many times have I said this? I I I I I i i Iii ii i .
I feel like I talk about myself too much. But it's my blog.. so uhh that's the point (?) ha I over-analyze things too much.

This week was a blur; a lot happened, but at the same time not much occured.So our beloved cat Tommy ran away. He was so young, only like 9 monthes old. Too stupid to find his way home. He had sucha good life, and hopefully he coms back because I miss that little rascal. Now I'm rather depressed. He would eat everything I did.

Yesterday was our last home game (thank you dear lord baby jesus). I fell on my back while mehh 4 feet in the air, my knees bled through my tights prior to this, and me and Jeremiah discussed boys together.

While I was gone, my parents got a teeny tiny kitten so our other cat Mikey won't be alone (since Tommy ran away). I guess his name is Jimmy. But I dont like that name. I call him Pudge. (because he is so little and scrawny).

I want to write a book right now - but am lacking experience.

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Ana said...

Mm I feel the same way. I just want to take pictures are write. I'm sorry about Tommy. Pudge is adorable adorable adorable!

Ana said...

not are

Aja said...

hey i always really liked your blog but i just got my own... well i am not quite sure how you do this but do you want to link?