October 18, 2008

Not Mine Those Glamour Gowns

Today has been so long. Decorating for homecoming (we will discuss that in a minute), drowsiness, and choreographing a solo for the recital.

Here's like five random seconds, but I'm not sure if i like it.
how simple. but im still iffy about this one part right there. whatevaaaa.

Don't I just look like a doll in this picture? just kidding.

what a wacko. and I'm not even sure when that was taken. Wednesday?

Today I had to decorate for homecomeing. Okey sure, BUT IM NOT EVEN GOING. So why should I have to put effort into something that I have basically nothing to do with?
And I swear if one more person asks me why Im not going / didnt go, I will probably just leave. Where will i go? I dont even know.
I could've gone with friends, but im a very bad planner. And I just didnt feel like going, because there are going to be over a hundred freshmen there and I just dont want to deal with all the rude girls and guys.
Although I wouldve liked to go with one person.
Enough said.

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