October 2, 2008

You can't change a zebra's spots

Grey Zebra oversized top
navy-ish skinnies
black flats
amazing scarf and rhinstone ring shaped like a bow.
I call him Clarance. ^.^
School is very stressful at the minute.
English - research paper / debate is getting rediculous. Im still not sure how I'm going to transform my info into the actual paper. I need to do something creative with my life.
Dance - my teacher is a psycho betch. ughh. she made up put TAPE over our mouths today so we wouldn't talk. Next year I'm not trying out for performance at school - just going to go back to competitions at studio.

Right now im supposed to be at the school rehearsing for the homecoming halftime performance.. But I really don't want anything to do with that lady.

2 daisies:

Ana said...

What the fuck? Your dance teacher sounds like my photo teacher. They should meet.

Ana said...

yeah it was red. like allie's hair.