November 22, 2008

Basically gushing over good looking people

Edward: What did you expect? Coffins and dungeons and moats?
Bella: No, not the moats.
My mom said I was giddy throughout the whole movie (Twilight). I agree. It was the first time I've admitted to my parents that a guy is gorgeous/ handsome. AND THEN I was saying how Bella was bland in the movie and my mom said "Oh you're just jealous because she got to work with him [Robert Pattinson]." I didn't argue.

Right now I'm supposed to be at a surprise party, but things got complicated. Well I made them complicated. First I wasn't going to go, then I wanted to go (but not really). Then a few of my friends weren't going (but were going in the first place), so I didn't go. But I still got her a gift. Do I feel bad? Nope.
So I got all dressed up for nothing. Oh well I can wear it to school on Monday.

It's like a mauve colored drapy (jeez that's not a word) top, with dark wash skinnies (story of my life), and cream colored slip ons.
How boring. I'm like stuck in a rut.

What should I really be doing right now instead of watching ANTM?
Writing a HUGE essay for english that is due Monday.
mehhh i'll do it tomorrow if i feel like it.
Get off my back I have straight A's.. and I dont put forth any effort anymore.

OH! and I simply ADORE Marjorie. She's my idol

[and looks even better with darker shorter hair. AND LOOK AT THOSE BALLET SLIPPERS!!]

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Susanita said...

I don't believe it! 8| Twilight was released in your country already? Urgh, I really hate living here. XD
I found your blog when I was searching images of Bella and Edward. Honestly, you sound very funny, reading your posts, lol.
I love Twilight series and Harry Potter, too! =) Too bad they came to an end. :(
Hum, do you skate? :P
*** Kisses

P.S. Sorry about my English. ;)

Raven said...

oh thanks girl

its from Dante's Inferno.

Lol and that susanita girl seems nice.

I wonder what country shes from...

J.Yo said...

i LOVE marjorie too! she's so nervous and all, but GOD knows how she takes, like aMAHZing, outta-this-world pictures! kisses!