November 24, 2008

Do you carry the moon in your womb

someone said that you're fading too soon
drifting and floating and fading away.

- Porcelain, The Red Hot Chili Peppers
This song is so dismal but eloquent. I really want to do a dance to it. But it would get emotional. Which is good.

are you wasting away in your skin

little lune .. all day

nodding and melting and fading away

3 daisies:

Antigone said...

Anna! Those are the prettiest pictures ever! Seriously.

Did you take those yourself?

Ana said...

You look like a goddamn Russian model!

I am in awe of your perfection.

I'm also kind of sketchy :P

J.Yo said...

sooo sweet! ballet are the most gorgeous thing ever... (maybe that's why i can never do it) i love the picture when you are on the table, and the one when your stretching you leg.. gorgeous!