March 8, 2009

We are the champions (for once)

I'm watching Beetlejuice and being amazed by how much my layers are growing out. I'm sick of short detached layers. I want long flowing hair.

Yesterday was Arizona State Competition.
For Pom we got .. *drum roll please* FIRST PLACE!! We're number one in state! woooootwooot.
For Jazz we got THIRD PLACE! Which is very good, considering we hated the costume / dance. haha

All our hard work paid off, and it's nice to see some positive results. VERY positive results. I had really bad bedhead the other day, and I'd thought I'd share. Everyone thought I just woke up. BUENOS DIAS!

2 daisies:

Raven said...

I'm proud of you!! Yay! :)

Celebration time.

lam said...

^ What she said:)

And heeeeeeey, don't go hating on choppy hair. Mines choppy hahah