September 15, 2008

A look at things i Wrote

my hair is fiesty today ^.^ And an ACORN is lain across my neck.. if that makes sense.
I was looking through some poetry I had to write last year, and its wonderful. I dont know what I was so worried about last year - it all seemed so complex at the time. But now I feel like it was no big deal. Now that I think about it - it was just me being dramatic and using vivid language to make everything seem luxurious and DRAMATIC. (hmmm kind of like now haha).

I was really sick most of the time when we had to write, so i just simply adore this one:

It's Okay
Laying in bed dying
shaking shivering sweating
so much depends on
oreo cookies on a hot summer day
Im pretty sure that's an antithesis.
I'll make another post with my "I AM" poem.
Jeezus i just found a song i wrote..

2 daisies:

Lydia said...

hi so i'm a creeper and i've been reading your blog and omg you keep reminding me of myself. SO, do you have an livejournal? probably not since you have this. :|

just wondering! :)

Raven said...

Yes, man troubles.

They suck :(

And make me sad...