September 14, 2008

Pixie and Pony

i wore fish earrings today.

School tomorrow is going to be.. fun. Which means it wont be.
There's not really a specific reason for my negativity,, i didnt get to sleep in at all this weekend. Oh well I'll live.


So today I found out something amazing, but it kinda made me irritated:
Francesca Lia Block has a butt load of books I didnt know about. (okey there's like 2). But still.

for English 2 H. we have to read a "classic" that isnt written by an American author.I'm not really a "classic" type of gal. I love my twisted fairytales (cough paragraph above cough), and mental books (Girl Interrupted, ect. ect).

So i went with either Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
or The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy

and i have to do a project on the book i choose.
Project i decided to do - create a soundtrack for the book. Including paragraphs describing why the song was chosen.. blahblahblah..

G'Day. <33

2 daisies:

alli said...

i love your blog
i read brave new world for my AP English class, and it's one of my favorite books. if you choose it hopefully you'll enjoy it :)

Sophia said...

I read Brave New World for a supplementary novel project last year in 9th grade, and it really is awesome! Hope you enjoy whichever you choose =]