September 7, 2008

You're so Vain,

you probably think this quote is about you.
too bad it is :\

I swear i just saw a moth flying around my pillow, but it might've been the dream catcher.

I've been in my own world all weekend. Not a bad thing, because I haven't had a fit of crying and hating everything yet.. Today i woke up in a calm happy mood. How odd.
Been reading Girl, Interrupted for the second time around. I read it about a year ago. and HAD to revisit it.
I've watched the movie six hundred times around. And I still cant decide if I like the book or movie better. ♥

And i absolutely love these pictures:

Okey maybe I just like the last one.

4 daisies:

Katherine said...

The book is DEFINITELY better than the movie. The movie is good... but the book is a classic!

I first read it when Sassy Magazine (best magazine ever, now defunct) published a chapter a month for a few months. I remember thinking, how can something this good exist?! I still think of the cow dress whenever I see cow prints...

Ebony said...

awww your so pretty! :D
Ive never read or seen Girl, interrupted but I keep meaning to & I guess I'll start with the book first.

I thought you were british for some reason lol

Katherine said...

Okay, so I just realized I was thinking about a book/movie called Girl... not Girl, Interrupted. So now I just have to recommend Girl by Blake Nelson... and the movie based on the novel. I think you'd love it.

Girl, Interrupted is great too.


Raven said...

Both the movie and book are absolutely brilliant. I love both. :)

I only own the movie though.. I wish I owned the book.

I like the book because it describes Susanna's expiriences better.

Like how the compared mountain ranges to curtains and such (Or I think? It was a year ago since I read that)

And I have a shirt like the one you're wearing in those picts! =) I love it.

And finally, yes. I miss our convos too.. We need to catch up.