September 10, 2008

Ten Traits

so what, i couldn't think of another "T" word.

1. I had an eye appointment today (because i had to get a new prescription for my contacts / glasses). MY VISION HASN'T GOTTEN WORSE!! wooohoo!

2. But I do have a lot of scars on my Cornea. So the optometrist says.

3. Sideline dances are killing me. they are very simple, but i get them mixed up because all the band music sounds the same. oh well by Friday i'll be the master of sidelines.

4. mohawks / sunglasses = ♥ nuff said


6. i eat at least one piece of candy everyday. it's kind of pathetic
(today i ate sour straws at school, and came home and ate a reese's cluster. de-lic-ious).

7. i am SO happy that i dont have to sit by this boy in biology anymore. he said at least ONE word the whole time school's been in session and was a pain in the .. Now i sit by a nice girl, and am at the back of the classroom. Which is a good thing.

8. Francesa Lia Block is an AMAZING author. Right now im reading Girl Goddess #9. I've read every book she's published, and i highly recommend her. Beauty, love, danger, fairytales - all taking place in L.A.

9. Dasani Plus in pomegranite blackberry tastes like crap.

10. i'll continue doing these 10 randoms.
voir autour de vous
i so used Google Language Tools.

3 daisies:

Zai said...

i actually just LOVE your blog, its so random and just crazy funny :P like 'i less than three you'. and ROONIL WAZLIB :D i too am a harry potter fanatic...embarrassing stuff.

Mary said...

I really ernjoy 10 randoms, especially the candy bit. It makes me want some RIGHT NOW.

Sophia said...

I'm tagging you, cause you're cool =]

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